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Dennis Schuler Schuler

[****] I am happy with the boots

Warrick Simmonds
Nice too wear, comfortable

Good boots, good price

Colin Marten
Great Boots

Only worn them 4 or 5 time so far, but am super pleased. Light and comfortable.

Row Robinson
Happy Feet I need you!

Well, a few weeks ago I was getting wet feet, my $389 workboots that I wear 343 days a year had sprung a leak. I thought it's because I hadn't waterproofed them regularly, Dubin, but no, the sole (soul) had let go, split...and I thought...I used to climb trees and I haven't with these boots, so no real reason. An Arborists nightmare, great boots.

Well here we are with the Loggers, price $149, delivery to my door, sizing NZ Size 10 was perfect, my wool socks fit on the boot with no sore toes, my damp feet gone, my sore feet gone...

I didn't leave them outside with the gumboots and old leaky boots for a week...they stayed inside, sometimes in the lounge...they're fancy 'Man', brown, never had tan, brown boots, so when I work with sheep I put on the old boots, sore feet, then change into my 'RollRoyse' boots...

I love them so much I ordered a second pair, phew they had some left. Now I have yo wear them out. I expect 2 years of wear, let's see...the way I see it I can buy 3 oairs over 2 years and still win 🏆

Join me, convert to Turtleboots, Safety NZ.


Row Robinson, Company Owner, Farmer Arborist 021 459559

Stride Confidently: Ultimate Side Zip Safety Boots NZ

Discover unmatched safety and style with TurtleBoots Loggerhead - the go-to choice for side zip safety boots in NZ. Get reliable protection with a touch of convenience. Shop now!

The Loggerhead has an eight-inch upper with a side zip and a protective gusset with lightweight, breathable luxurious mesh for the inner. We have used premium sustainably sourced nubuck leather and coated it with an eco-friendly water-resistant protective coating. The inner sole is made from 100% recycled PU and EVA, and in the midsole, we have used a super light non-woven pressed fabric for anti-puncture protection that offers reduced weight and added comfort. The Loggerhead comes with a toe cap made from fibreglass, and the outsole is made from natural rubber that is heat-resistant and slip-resistant.

The Loggerhead is a wide-fitting boot.

Sizing Guide   (TurtleBoots are in UK sizing)

Size 4 – 14. – Spec Sheet – THE LOGGERHEAD (LHZT)


Description :
The Loggerhead is engineered to meet the most demanding safety standards, ensuring your feet are shielded from impact, compression, and other workplace hazards. With their reinforced fibreglass toe caps, these boots provide a robust barrier that absorbs and disperses force, keeping your toes safe and secure.

Crafted from high-quality materials, The Loggerhead offers exceptional resistance to impact, punctures, and crushing hazards. A reinforced fibreglass toe cap provides an impenetrable shield for your feet, ensuring your safety is never compromised.

——————————– Specifications ————————-
Weight: 720g

Standard: AS 2210.3:2019 (EN ISO 20345:2011)

Size Range (UK): 4 – 14

——————————– Materials ——————————-
Outsole Material: 100% Recyclable PU Midsole with Natural Rubber Outsole

Upper Material: Premium Sustainably Sourced Nubuck Leather with a water-resistant protective coating

Fibreglass Toe Cap: (200 Joule)

Lining: Lightweight, breathable, Luxurious Mesh

Anti-Puncture: Super Lightweight Non-Woven Fabric

——————————– Warranty ——————————-
The Loggerhead has a six-month warranty covering defects or quality issues and fully replacing your boots.